Sunday, May 20, 2018

Bilingualism: Keeping Spirit Bilingual Program in Local University STKIP PGRI Nganjuk

Triana Wuri. English becomes the most essential language in the world. Almost all the people from many different countries around the world use it to communicate. The area of English has always become special interest. It is caused of the importance of English in many scope of human life. In this case, the writer tries to apply bilingual program in teaching speaking and there is conversation in this method, and conversation is part of speaking. It also gives students an opportunity to practice communication in different social contexts and social roles. Bilingual program would seem to be the ideal activity in which students could use their English creatively and it aims to stimulate a opportunity to practice and develop their communication skill.
The ability of the students’ speaking in STKIP PGRI Nganjuk, so far is so good but most of students still do not have confidence, shy and afraid to speak English. The writer tries to use any methods to improve students’ speaking skill. These methods chosen by writer because the writer assumes to solve this problem in class to make students brave to speak whatever of the methods. So that, the students prepare and want to learn before they study in the class.
One of the ways to improve the students’ speaking skill is the lecturer can motivate the students to increase their speaking skill through giving task presentation group bilingually start from first semester. In this activity, students have to express their ideas together with their groups, so they are not afraid and shy to practice speaking English in front of the class. Finally it can develop the students’ speaking skill.
Recently, due to the importance of English as an international language, a bilingual program is getting more popular. In this program, learners have to use English, in addition to Indonesian, as a means of communication. It is believed that the bilingual program can bring many benefits for students in encouraging them in learning English. This action also happens in a local university STKIP PGRI Nganjuk where students have to use English most of the time in the class and half time out of the class. The bilingual program seems to be compulsory to be used in the STKIP PGRI Nganjuk, especially for students in English Department because of several reasons, some of which are the goal of their study.
The success in teaching does not depend on the lesson program only, but more important is how the teacher presents the lesson and uses various techniques to manage the class more lively and enjoyable.

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