Wednesday, January 16, 2019

"Weak or Week?" Am I in Hearing Trouble?

Listening is one of the four skills in English, if you want to learn English well then you have to master listening skill. Brown (2004: 119) ever delivered a simple question in his book, "How could you speak a language without also listening?". From this queston it can be inferred that by listening to something can stimulate our instinc to learn what we have listened. It means that listening can influence students' English skill especially speaking. But as we know that there are so many students who get difficulties in listening practice so they cannot understand what the speakers say even actually listening is the most often acitivity we do, it is about 45% we do listening (Clements: 2018). It becomes so creepy when they are faced to the speaking practice, listening practice, and live practice with the native speakers. It will be so complicated to take the point of the topic they talk about even actually listening is their daily activity. Then let's talk about why we are stucked in this trouble of listening!
  1. Language Problem: Language problems means that English as foreign language in Indonesia is still difficult to be understood by most of Indonesian students. Students have less vocabulary mastery because they just learn English at school without any prctices at home after the class. As we know that foreign language is a language which comes from another counrty and it is not used widely in a certain country. Indonesian peolple use their mother tongue (Javanese, Sundanese, etc) as their first language and Indonesian language as their second language. So it can be conlcuded that the language problem comes from the society which do not use English as their language. Teachers/ lecturers who take the students' learning responsibility need to build an English atmosphere at their learning activity to improve the students' skills especially listening skill which is a crucial starting point of speaking. 
  2. Problem in Conducting Listening Class Activity: In teaching learning process there are so many methods and media can be applied but teachers/lecturers sometimes get problems about how to conduct the activity and choose the appropriate media or method. One of the most important parts to begin the listening activity is deliver the vocabulary knowledge to help the students carry out the task. Sometimes there are kind of teachers/ lecturers who are too lazy to find and guess about difficult words from listening materials. As we know that ideally there must be a pre-teaching in every class meeting to lead students getting knowledge about the materials. Chong (2017) states that providing pre-teaching in the beginning of teaching listening can help students to understand the listening materials without any obstacles in the middle of the activity. Students are able to concern to the content of the materilas so they will not hang up on the problems. Giving vocabulary knowledges also can improve students' confidence to do the task.
  3. Language Habits: Learning by doing, is a good phrase to show that if we want to learn something we can appyl it in our daily lifes or in other words we have to practice it continually. At least if we get difficulties in doing a language practice, there is a partner who can remind us about the materials. But we can see that the problem actually comes from our own selves. As the foreign language leaner, doing any activities using foreign language is very awkward. It is caused we stay in a local communities that use mother tongue or second language to communicate eachother. Grohol (2018) provided a theory about learning habits that one of the effective study habits is choosing the right environment. Building an appropriate environment with the other foreign language leraners can support the practice of the language use more effective. You can review a current issues using english or just share about the material from school. Eeverything can be an object to be shared with the member just to improve the language matery.

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